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Think Before You Speak

For those that may not be aware, it is in fact possible to be a non-English speaking, legal resident of the U.S. That being said, it is also possible for non-English speaking residents to work legally, pay taxes legally, and therefore be eligible for Medicare, SSI and other tax-related benefits just as English speaking, legally working individuals are.

Thank you.

Um, was that supposed to be funny?

I'm tired of using this journal as a venting space. I really can't wait until I can somehow regain my sense of humor, but until then I'll continue on with my whining and self-pity. You have been forewarned. :)

So my house is a spider palace. Lucky me, my gift with first home purchase was an infestation of brown recluses. *sigh*
I don't know how bad it is, but after having the house treated, three have been caught in glue traps. Including the remains of the one in and above the garage door and the first one in the master bath that tipped me off to a potential spider soiree, there have been a total of six. That's six too many, if you ask me. Sooo anyhoo, I have been caulking the crevices and gaps in the drywall and will continue on with that until all visible dead spaces have been eliminated. I'll continue to have the house treated and I'll keep my fingers crossed that they all die. I was really looking forward to being a homeowner, but this problem has somewhat soured the experience.

On a positive note, I am on the way to becoming Handy Mandy as I learn all about DIY home improvements. My friend let me borrow her miter saw to cut the pieces of casing,moulding and basboard that I'm putting up myself,  and I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about caulk and best application practices. I hope the girls (and my son) are benefitting from seeing me do all this without a man's help. I must admit, there's something pretty awesome about strapping on my work goggles and firin' up the ol' saw. Once I get all the trim up, I think I'll build myself some built-ins for the family room. Tool belt, here I come!

Life in all other aspects is completely crazy, as usual. M's been sick, we've had run-ins with lice (eeeeew), my job's insane.....blah blah blah. Oh, and I somehow developed runner's knee....even though I don't run. You get the picture.

Busy, Busy Bee

Now that I've closed and the house is mine, the real work begins. This circa 1965 house has, for the most part, been renovated but there are still some small items that need to be addressed. The seller came down $15k from her original asking price, plus she paid my closing costs, so she was NOT in the mood to, as she put it  "be nickeled and dimed" for small repairs. Fair enough. As it is, I'm walking into equity since the house appraised above my purchase price. Plus, there's an unfinished room above the garage that when completed will expand the square footage (and value) by about 20%.

So anyway, I have four weeks to move out of my apartment, so I should have enough time to finish everything I need to. However, I can't be Ms. Procrastinator, which I normally excel at or this whole thing will blow up in my face.

So far, I have:

-Scheduled the roofers to come this weekend for minor repairs
-Obtained an estimate from the electrician to re-wire and add some GFCI outlets, etc.
-Purchased an oven range
-Scheduled pest control (the house has been vacant for almost three years, and I saw a dead recluse in my master bath...*shudders*)
-Had the electricity and water turned on 

I still need to:Collapse )

 Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting something?  I'm tired just reading over this list. It's time for me to go to sleep.

Spiders from Mars

So where were the spiders while the fly tried to break our balls? Hmmmmm, I think I might have a good idea. ;)


It's official! I'm a homeowner! It's been a crazy, exhausting experience, and I'll save your the details because they give me a headache, but at the end of the day the part that matters the most is that  I actually purchased a house without any help. It's all mine. Just mine.

And it's pretty damn awesome that I, stargazerbaby, unmarried, purchased this home from Seller, single woman, as it was so stated on the docs. Yep, the house changed hands from one single mom to another (and I asked why she's single and I'm unmarried, but I couldn't get a straight answer...).

Wooo hooooo!

....get set....

My loan is in closing and should fund tomorrow. Closing on Friday. The electric and water is on and I do the final walk-through tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Deep Breaths

I keep telling myself that if I survive buying this house, everything will  calm down and life will slow down to a "normal" pace. But really, what the heck is normal? Am I setting myself up for unavoidable disappointment as life continues to hurl curveballs at me well after the title is in my name? I'm sure I am, but for right now it sounds like a believable story, or least believable enough to get me through to the next day.

I've decided that I will not be creating a lofty list of goals for myself this year. I will not be a Daisy Scout leader (even though I love walking into school and getting spontaneous hugs from my little daisies) after the school year ends. There will no soccer, no ballet lessons, nothing that will require a scheduled commitment from me. The only promise I'm up to keeping is to be good to my children. I'm not willing to sacrifice home-cooked meals, sleep and sanity any more, or at least not now. I'll be thirty at the end of this year, and I'd like to arrive at the eave of my birthday feeling as well-rested and clear-headed as possible. I need to assess where I've been, who I've become and where I'd like to go next...but not before I take a break of sorts. 

So, as soon as the school year ends, I plan to put it in neutral and coast until the end of the year.

Watt from Pedro


I feel like I'm waiting for someone to show up. I'm having weird dreams that I don't quite remember, but when I wake up I feel like I've been visiting with an old friend.  I'm checking my inbox and my mailbox more frequently as if good news is on the way. Hmmm.



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