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New House Round-up

Okee, I feel a little better now that I updated a few of the items on my last  "list post", but I think I need a new list. I've decided that I'll give this recluse-infested house until my birthday to rid itself of spiders. If not, to market, to market this little piggy will go..and I will sell this house and move to a region where there are no tornados or poisonous insects. So there!

1.Purchase a home warranty
2. Have the house re-treated for pests( Yayee, poisonous spiders!)
3.Finish painting the foyer and clear out the remaining plastic drop cloths
4. Paint the kids' rooms
5. Install curtain rods in the living room and bedrooms(I feel like we're living in a fish bowl!)
6.unpack the rest of the crap in the family room (or store it all in sealed, plastic containers)
7.Weather strip the exterior door in my bedroom (bug central!)
8. Call an arborist and get a quote for treating my trees (I think they're sick and may need to be cut down, unfortunately)
9.Finish caulking and sealing the cracks.
10. Shop HELOCs in the event I lose my job or the roof caves in
11. Call for a quote on rain gutter cleaning

That's all I can come up with for now. I'm sure there are a billion other things that need to be done...

This is the list of regularly scheduled self-imposed chores that will be vital to our existence:

1. Mow the lawn (weekly)
2. Sweep the front walk way and driveway (weekly)
3.Spray for spiders (monthly, and bi-monthly with the strong stuff)
4. Sweep up other dead insects, including the window sills(daily)
5. Clean the windows and eaves (weekly)
6.Do laundry (daily)



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