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The sun will rise yet again.....

Watching the cascade of bright pink and orange light across the western sky as it slowly sinks into the pool of dark purple and black of night makes my foot press a little harder on the gas, instinct taunting me to race the sun to the sea, race it home. And I will one day, but tonight I remind myself that there are still sunrises to be had here.

Back roads, please.....

These ads blow.

Sooooo......  Wandering a little bit right now. I seem to get stuck in the details, then realize I've been driving for miles without really remembering any of it. I need something to shake things up.

A crush maybe? A quick, fall-hard-in-and-out-of love affair.  A love pulled from the history pages of my youth, when everything felt so final, so absolute that thinking about a reality without it stopped my heart mid-beat.  A harmless flirtation would do the trick, too. A couple of indirect exchanges that start out warm then get hot and tingly as the reality sets in that they're flirting back and this could go somewhere, but probably won't.  The appeal of endless possibilities....

Or maybe just a discovery, a shared secret with a kindred spirit that brings a smile to the corner of my mouth as I pretend to pay attention in a late afternoon meeting. Whatever form it takes on, an adventure is in order.

Things are good, definitely better, but I'm restless yet again. Content, even. Or am I? Happy for sure, but bored...so maybe not so content to be content...just yet. And that's perfectly fine with me.

Never Again

It's best not to rely on anyone, and anyone who says differently is just in between let downs.

A step forward....

...and a step back.

My son made the observation that if you take a step forward and then one backward that you'll never go anywhere. I beg to differ, though. If your step forward is bigger than your step back, you're still making progress.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

From Crayons to Perfume

There's nothing like a visit home and meeting up with estranged high school friends to make you start analyzing your current status. Not that I'm all that concerned with impressing anyone, but it does make me think about where I started out, what I've been through and how the hell I got here. Truth be told, it's actually making me think more about where I want to go from here.

No, I didn't break into the music business or become a professional photographer. I didn't get a tattoo the way I'd planned to. The closest I got to body piercings was a nose ring that never seemed to heal and was promptly removed once my son was old enough to grab a hold of things and yank. Ouch. I didn't continue to dye my hair with Punky Colors and I pretty much did away with the combat boots and fishnet stockings once I entered the workforce. Well, maybe the boots were a little slower to go.... Bottom line is that reality is far removed from where I'd imagined myself to be over 15 years ago.

Here's the deal, though. I'm okay with all that. Would I kill to quit my job and make my living taking photos? You bet. Do I secretly become a little jealous when unattached (meaning no kids) friends can make plans to travel on a moment's notice? Sometimes. Did I get a little nastalgic for my old concert-going days when my babysitter said she was going to Bonnaroo, a three day music festival? Yeah, maybe a little bit. But you know what, that's okay. Working for the Man and being a single mother of three kids has it's ups and downs, but I'm more self assured and confident than I ever was as a kid/young adult. I still have desires, aspirations and dreams, but they're different now, and they change as I continue to grow as a person.

So where to now, you say? Hell if I know, but I'm going to enjoy the ride.

I'm Baaaaack!

Or am I??

New House Round-up

Okee, I feel a little better now that I updated a few of the items on my last  "list post", but I think I need a new list. I've decided that I'll give this recluse-infested house until my birthday to rid itself of spiders. If not, to market, to market this little piggy will go..and I will sell this house and move to a region where there are no tornados or poisonous insects. So there!Here goes nothin'...Collapse )
So what do I decide to do when I'm feverish with a runny nose and sore throat? I decide it would be a great idea to mow a quarter acre of lawn in the early evening air. Nothing better for the bronchioles than freshly cut grass, flying pollen and gasoline fumes. Ah, I feel much better.

But wait, did I mention that I fell on my ass in a puddle of mud while mowing along a downward slope in my front yard?  Yep, good times. I'm just glad to be an endless source of entertainment for my new neighbors.

Bring out your dead!

The death toll is up to 14 today. *le sigh*

One day I'm gonna learn

I'm kinda freaking out. Illness and other issues beyond my control have totally kicked me in the ass, moving-wise, and I am now three days away from move day with almost nothing packed. I love it! Fear not, though, because somehow, I'll manage to pull it off. I may be a raving lunatic by the end of it all, but it'll get done. It just won't be as pretty and organized as I had hoped for.

Ah, life.



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